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Three-phase capacitors

Applications: Capacitors designed for power factor correction.

General description: these capacitors are manufactured with self healing metallized polypropylene film and encapsulated with polyurethane resin developed and manufactured by RTR Energy.

Automatic Capacitor Banks

Automatic capacitor banks for power factor correction.

Compact Series.
Mini-mural series.
Mural Series.
Modular Series.
ST Series.
ARM Series.

Protected Capacitors

Applications: Protected Capacitors for power factor correction o inductive loads that do not require automatic adjusment.

General description: Stationary equipment in surrounding of inclemency or inner use, with different systems from protection and disconnection.


Applications: to protect the capacitors as opposed to the presence of overtones in the network.

General description: made with magnetic plate of low losses and winded in copper or aluminio.

Voltage transformers

Safety and control single-phase transformers IP-00.

Insulation single-phase transformers.

Single-phase swimming pool transformers IP-00.

Three-phase transformers IP-00.


Capacitor duty contactors with damping resistors.

On-load break switches.

PF Controllers & Energy Meters

Controllers of reactive energy.

Network analyzers.

Split core current transformers (plastic or resin encapsulated)

Lighting & Motor run capacitors

Single phase capacitors for lighting applications.

Electromagnetic and electronic ballast for dischange lamps.

Medium Voltage

Power factor correction projects and components RTR Energy is certified by the main Spanish energy companies.

Polyurethane resin

Applications: electrical encapsulations (capacitors, transformers, electrical, windings)

General description: two component polyurethane systems and machinery for its application.

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